Steps to Apply For A Cambodia Visa

You are seeking for a Cambodia visa? You are trying to fig out which one is reputed organization to process visa to Cambodia.Come to us, and we can give full advice for your case no matter how hard and complicated it is. Our Cambodia Visa Service guarantees the shortest time processing, cheapest fee charge and quickest and simplest procedures.

The Cambodia Visa Application includes:

  1. The application form (provided by us)
  2. The original passport submission (with the validity of at least 6 months)
  3. The proof of your career or work
  4. Other documents may also be required depending on the visa type requests.

Please do note that the above requirements for Cambodia Visa are applied for Vietnamese citizens only. If you are foreigners staying in Vietnam and wishing to enter Cambodia, then the procedures are simpler, just need to provide your 2 passport-sized photos and your original passport. For the fee, please contact us for more details.

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